Badass Breastfeeding Podcast

Clingy Babies

May 10, 2021 Dianne Cassidy & Abby Theuring Season 1 Episode 193
Badass Breastfeeding Podcast
Clingy Babies
Show Notes

Are you afraid of a clingy baby?

Did someone tell you that your baby is clingy because you breastfeed?

We hate the word clingy.  Listen to this episode to hear more.

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Things we talked about:

There’s no such thing as a clingy baby [5:22]

What do we expect from a newborn? [6:08]

The identity shift of becoming a parent [12:14]

Child development [15:36]

Babies are primal [21:26]

It is not a feeding issue [25:08]

Babies who only want the birthing parent [30:22]

Doing it all yourself [31:41]


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