Badass Breastfeeding Podcast

Shaming and Judging

April 05, 2021 Dianne Cassidy & Abby Theuring Season 1 Episode 188
Badass Breastfeeding Podcast
Shaming and Judging
Show Notes

Shaming.  It’s Everywhere.  

Have you ever felt like someone was shaming you for your feeding choices? Or anything else?

Check out this episode about shaming, and some suggestions on how to deal with it.

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Things we talked about:

This might be a ranting episode [2:56]

Shame is all around us [4:09]

Barriers [7:49]

Nursing in public [11:13]

We apologize for our sour attitude about maternity leave [13:24]

It’s when they’re born we need the help [16:50]

Abby’s IG story [20:38]

Should the bullies win? [22:41]

Social media [25:41]

Changing your parenting experience [30:22]

Finding friends with kids the same age is like dating [32:44]

Knowledge is power [34:47]

Today’s Shout Out is to Melanated Midwives [19:34]

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