Badass Breastfeeding Podcast

When Are You Done Pumping?

July 17, 2023 Dianne Cassidy & Abby Theuring Season 1 Episode 345
Badass Breastfeeding Podcast
When Are You Done Pumping?
Show Notes

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Pumping.  For some parents it’s a big part of the breastfeeding journey.  But what about when you are ready to give it up?  How does that work?  Listen today and Dianne and Abby discuss weaning from pumping.

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Things we talked about:

Weaning from the pump is a journey [6:02]

Weaning from pumping doesn’t mean weaning breastfeeding [6:54]

Planning ahead [8:00]

Cutting back time [9:25]

Our bodies are amazing [11:45]

Combine pump times [13:35]

Google’s answer to weaning from pumping [20:55]

Take advantage of supply dip with period [23:00]

Pump to comfort or amount [25:12]

It’s ok to be done [27:34]

Hormonal changes [30:25]

Your body doesn’t stop making milk in a day [35:40]


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